HVOSM Soft Soil consideration

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HVOSM Soft Soil consideration

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Q: I am interested to use HVOSM program and would like to know little bit more details regarding the software features. I looked at the 1986 FHWY report on roll over crashes and I have couple of questions about the program are
  • 1. Does it consider soil or roadside embankments as rigid body ( meaning that If it has soft soil does model have an ability to determine the deformation of soil?)
    2. What is the latest HVOSM version and can this be used for different soil types to determine the traffic safety (rollovers)
A: for the 1986 FHWA contract we provided Calspan with our soft soil modification. The soft soil modifications were based on Bekker's research which we added as part of another FHWA contract on Work Zone safety (see pages 123, 126-129) in which we modeled consideration for deformable soil properties.
In general HVOSM (which is included in our msmac3D program) considers the terrain rigid. We have in our msmac3D code the code to consider soil properties but currently do not have an interface for the option and/or the option activated. We expect that it will be activated in the next few months (we are currently finalizing point cloud surfacing and other somewhat time consuming graphical modifications)

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