Are We Puppets in a Digital World?

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Are We Puppets in a Digital World?

Post by brian » Sun Nov 10, 2013 8:27 pm

Nov 7, 2013:NY Review of Books Sue Halpern provides an excellent review of the history and exponential explosion of all things digital in the past 20 or so years with the advent of the Internet, Mozilla and the World Wide Webification of our world. Can you imagine being ever again back in the dark ages before all the knowledge of the world came to be available at the tap of your fingertips?
But take a moment to step back and consider tracking, surveillance, and government and commercial use of your every decision.
Whereas it used to be 'you are what you eat' it may become 'you are what you tweet' or maybe 'you are what you click'
The world it tis a changing.
Be veddy careful out there!
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