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Announcing medit32 

McHenry Software is proud to announce that we are finally retiring the original medit (16 bit version), in favor of the long awaited medit32, the 32-bit version, with many improvements and new features.

The interface has been totally re-written (although you will find many elements familiar, with basically a zero learning curve required) in fully 32-bit code.  When you first open medit32, you will instantly notice the improved interface for the fundamental 'SI5 Editing' screen, AKA 'The Grid', Graphical Edit screen' has been greatly improved, and we have added many new convenience options and much more!

Please see our Getting Started manual, which we have posted online and which contains detailed information on the update.

As an introduction to those of you that are just starting with medit/msmac:

The McHenry-Edit Environment (medit) is a specialized Multiple Document Interface (MDI) container for the Microsoft Windows operating system. The MDI provides for the use of the medit environment to create, edit, execute, view, output and print computer simulation results including graphics related to McHenry Software, Inc.ís Accident Reconstruction Software. The medit also has an intelligent editor for the creation of m-smac program inputs.

The medit intelligent editor is an input editor for the msmac program which recognizes the input variables by location (card number and field number) and displays information automatically while you are editing. medit checks that the input values are within a reasonable range and insures that the input data deck is in the proper format for use with the msmac simulation program.



  • General features- long file names ( no '8.3' limit ), network-aware file transfer / sharing / archives, individual folders for projects,  Internet-based software updates and user news, ZIP-based backup / network archive / restore of all input and output files, completely updated and revised Help system, updated NHTSA databases and browser.  100 % file compatibility with all previous versions of Medit, no loss of prior work or projects ( input files etc ) 
  •  Main Grid -  easier viewing and data entry, integrated field Help ( by F1, per card ), improved use of screen 'real estate'
  •  Graphic Edit - full-screen, 'Widgets' for mouse-driven placement, 3 vehicles, ~ 1" intuitive 'by eye' placement accuracy of vehicles and hardpoints, scaled grids on-screen for placement accuracy
  •  Reports - WYSIWYG preview, editable, incorporates company logos and letterhead, graphics from any source, PDF / RTF / HTML / TXT output, HTML 'report index' per project for easy hyperlinked navigation at client sites etc.  30 + reports 'stock', plus unlimited 'user customized reports' (with chart graphics if desired)
  • Charts - Fully integrated auto-charting ( interactive with your entry of data into the Grid ) of 70 + factors, user-customizable, unlimited user-defined presets, WYSIWYG output graphics, reports, and columnar ( tabular ) data.  You control the fields, the chart appearance and style, etc, and select the target display medium & format ( printed / transmitted reports, projector displays, size and layout, etc ) for best hi-res graphics quality.  All graphics available in JPG and BMP format ( to disk ) for inclusion in other display mediums / tools.
  •  AVI animations - built-in AVI movie animation creation, editing and output, with slow-motion, segment selection, frame stamping and annotation, small file output size, etc.
  • msmac, graphics and animation programs - are all now compiled with the new INTEL 32/64 compiler which makes them 64bit ready. Parallel processing and automatic iteration will be optionally available in the coming months.

  • AND MORE! Please see Getting Started for detailed information

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