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Safety Police ignore NHTSA findings, Still go after Toyota

Posted: Fri Feb 11, 2011 1:43 pm
by MSI
Feb 11, 2011: The safety police go after Toyota again
The word of the rocket scientists apparently wasn't good enough. The Washington safety lobby wants more proof that Toyotas are free from electronic gremlins.
Consumer advocates Clarence Ditlow and Joan Claybrook, both of whom arrived on the public stage during the Carter Administration, wasted no time this week in grabbing microphones to fight the auto industry again.
They said they weren't buying the conclusion of a new report by NASA that relieved electronics from blame for reports of unintended acceleration by Toyota (TM) owners.
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Re: Safety Police ignore NHTSA findings, Still go after Toyota

Posted: Sun Feb 13, 2011 5:17 pm
by MSI
Feb 13, 2011: USA Today Engineers who wrote report can't 'vindicate' Toyota
Apparently influenced by the 'Safety Police' blathering, and even though Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood unequivocally ruled out electronics as the cause of unintended acceleration incidents in Toyota (TM) vehicles Tuesday, the NASA engineers who wrote the report on the subject weren't so sure.
In their report, NASA said it is "not realistic" to try to prove Toyota's ETC does not cause unintended acceleration. The report also notes a lack of evidence linking ETC to runaway cars "does not vindicate" Toyota's system.
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Apparently a lot of 'for hire' experts quoted in the article probably don't want to see this goose that lays their golden egg of litigation consulting to go away.
Stay tuned to the upcoming shows in courtrooms throughout the land!