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23 Things NOT to write in an email

Posted: Sat Jun 19, 2010 12:26 pm
by brian
June 19, 2010: From comes 23 Things Not to Write in an email
which begins...
  • "Every e-mail you write could wind up in court. Everybody knows this, but people still act like it will never happen to them. If you can't help yourself — if you just have to write that incriminating e-mail — you can at least avoid a few obvious red flags."
For example..
  • stupid
    huge mistake
    big mistake
    can't believe
    cannot believe
    serious trouble
    big trouble
    too late
    not comfortable
    I don't think we should
    very sensitive
    highly sensitive
    very confidential
    highly confidential
    do not share this
    don't share this
    between you and me
    just between us
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