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Lawyers Booted for Hiring Opponent's Expert

Posted: Tue Aug 24, 2010 12:14 pm
by brian
August 2010: Lawyers must be careful not to approach an opponent's expert at any stage of a pending case and must be up-front and unambiguous about the reason for approaching the expert.
See a discussion of the case by Robert Ambrogi, Bullseye which begins:
  • "Court opinions involving legal ethics and expert witnesses are few and far between. Those that come from a supreme court are even rarer. Thus, it was particularly notable when the North Carolina Supreme Court pulled two out-of-state plaintiffs' lawyers off a product liability case because of their inappropriate conduct in luring away their opponent's expert witness."
See the ruling from the NC Supreme Court Sisk v. Transylvania Community Hospital, 364 N.C. 172 (N.C. 2010)