Book Review: The Quest for a Theory of EVERYTHING!

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Book Review: The Quest for a Theory of EVERYTHING!

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Recently read a quick read but definitely mind boggling book by Michop kaku Excellent Read, highly recommend it.
Covers from
  • Newton's Laws of Gravity (and many other brilliant discoveries) which brought about the Industrial Age
  • Faraday and Maxwell and the unity of electric and magnetic forces and the electrical revolution
  • Einstein and quantum physics revealing the probabilistic and relativistic nature of relation and the high tech revolution of today
  • what might finally unite them all to bring about the Theory of EVERYTHING?
Very thought provoking
things like
  • if it all started with the BIG BANG, what about before? what was there?
  • Is the universe expanding or contracting?
  • symmetry is beautiful and he definitely is partial to finding a simplistic, symmetrical solution to to it all
  • we exist in just a minuscule blip on the continuum of time
  • light years away things may be happening we may never see/know/etc
it is truly amazing the many mind boggling scientific discoveries and devices we've created so far...
  • how did we come about?
  • how many other worlds are there out there rotating about around another sun in another galaxy?
  • are there parallel universes, interesting idea...yet...which one are we?
  • brings about questions on what is reality?
Since ours is a consensus opinion of 'what is real' vs 'what is imagined' yet
  • what if those funky strange crazy dreams we sometimes have are actual reality?
  • what is real?
What if the universe has imploded yet we don't know it yet and may never know it since it may be billions of our years until it get to us
  • Light years away
  • lifetimes away
And in the universe what is real time?
  • not the rotation of our planet around our sun
more like what?
  • concepts we have adopted and adapted to live are all thrown out the window when you realize the immense size and complexity of the expanding? or contracting? universe
Great thought provoking book!
Many of these items are just some thoughts I had while reading the book
What will it provoke in YOUR mind?

give it a read!

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