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New McHenry Paper in Collision Magazine Vol 10, Issue 2

Posted: Mon Dec 28, 2015 11:11 pm
by MSI
Dec 2015: New McHenry Paper:
  • A Review of the Development and Validation of Simulation Technology for Vehicular Accident Reconstruction
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  • The principals at McHenry Software, Inc. (MSI), Raymond & Brian McHenry, have been active in the field of highway safety research for a combined period of over 90 years. In that time we have performed research for NHTSA, FHWA, NTSB, public and private research organizations and MSI internal development through which we have invented, developed and enhanced the state-of-the art of collision and rollover simulation programs and other reconstruction tools. The programs include CRASH, SMAC and HVOSM which are acronyms for accident simulation and collision reconstruction programs invented by Ray McHenry while at Calspan and on which Ray and Brian have extensively researched, developed and published. These programs form the foundation for many of the accident reconstruction and simulation tools in widespread use today.
    This paper includes a background on these programs including some of their unique validations and enhancements as well as more recent validation and correlation tests of the three-dimensional next generation combination of these programs: msmac3D. A discussion is included of what constitutes a proper demonstration of the validity of simulation and other reconstruction programs used for motor vehicle collisions, rollovers and other types of highway accidents.