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It's no Accident so use the word Crash instead

Posted: Sat Dec 09, 2017 12:40 pm
by MSI
Back a while ago (May 2016!) in response to an article we had a topic At that time we pondered whether crash encompassed enough's time to simply remove the use of the word 'accident' from crash reconstruction discussions!
We're finally getting around to it (sorry for the delay) and going to change any and all uses of the word 'accident' to 'crash' on our website, in our documentation and in our software.

Some articles on WHY:
  • It’s No Accident: Advocates Want to Speak of Car ‘Crashes’ Instead
    which included:
    • “When you use the word ‘accident,’ it’s like, ‘God made it happen,’ ” Mark Rosekind, the head of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, said at a driver safety conference this month at the Harvard School of Public Health. “In our society,” he added, “language can be everything.”
  • When a car ‘crash’ isn’t an ‘accident’ — and why the difference matters
    which included:
    • Before the labor movement, factory owners would say "it was an accident" when American workers were injured in unsafe conditions.
    • Before the movement to combat drunk driving, intoxicated drivers would say "it was an accident" when they crashed their cars.
    • Planes don’t have accidents. They crash. Cranes don’t have accidents. They collapse. And as a society, we expect answers and solutions.