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Tire Properties - Everything you'd ever want to know!

Posted: Mon Jan 15, 2018 12:25 pm
by MSI
A recent topic on INCR on properties of tries related to friction and/or pressure i sent a link to a great 900+ collection of chapters on the Pneumatic Tires. It is online and here's the link: Chapter titles:
  • Chapter 1: An Overview of Tire Technology, by B. E. Lindemuth
  • Chapter 2: Mechanical Properties of Rubber,by A. N. Gent
  • Chapter 3: Tire Cords and Cord-to-Rubber Bonding, by E. T. McDonel
  • Chapter 4: Mechanics of Cord-Rubber Composite Materials, by M. C. Assaad and T. G. Ebbott
  • Chapter 5: Tire Load Capacity,by S. M. Padula
  • Chapter 6: Tire Stress Analysis,by M. J. Trinko
  • Chapter 7: Contact Patch (Footprint) Phenomena,by M. G. Pottinger
  • Chapter 8: Forces and Moments,by M. G. Pottinger
  • Chapter 9: Tire Noise and Vibration by K. D. Marshall
  • Chapter 10: Waves in Rotating Tires by D. M. Turner
  • Chapter 11: Rubber Friction and Tire Traction by K. A. Grosch
  • Chapter 12: Rolling Resistanceby T. J. LaClair
  • Chapter 13: Rubber Abrasion and Tire Wearby K. A. Grosch
  • Chapter 14: Tire Properties That Affect Vehicle Steady-State Handling Behavior,by J. D. Walter
  • Chapter 15: Introduction to Tire Safety, Durability and Failure Analysis,by J. D. Gardner and B. J. Queiser
  • Chapter 16: Non-Destructive Tests and Inspections,by J.A. Popio and T. M. Dodson
  • Chapter 17: Tire Standards and Specifications,by J. D. Walter
  • Chapter 18: Tire Materials: Recovery and Re-use,by A. I. Isayev and J. S. Oh