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Article/Interview on Tire Failure Issues

Posted: Fri Jun 12, 2020 11:11 am
by MSI
Tyre Failure and Vehicle Safety
Which includes...
  • Tyre failure is often blamed as one of the leading “vehicle factors” contributing to road crashes. As a public information platform with a passionate interest in road safety, we approached crash investigator Stan Bezuidenhout with some questions around tyre failures and how to prevent these avoidable “accidents"
And a good summary list:
  • Light motor vehicles
    • As far as light motor vehicles are concerned, I would say user contribution is probably the greatest cause of tyre failure. And by user contribution, I would include the many common mistakes people make, such as:

      Improper inflation
      Improper damage repairs
      Missing signs of irregular, excessive or abnormal wear
      Ignoring early warning signs
      Exceeding the safe life of the tyre on older vehicles.
    Commercial Vehicles
    • On commercial vehicles, I would say that retreads are more commonly associated with tyre failures, in my experience, and that under-inflation, over-loading and unattended damages are probably the greatest causes of tyre failure. In the case of commercial vehicles, temperature plays a very big role in some kinds of failures.
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