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What is ITAI?

Posted: Thu Apr 09, 2015 1:43 pm
by MSI
Q: What is ITAI?
  • The Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators
    Column House
    London Road
    SY2 6NN
From their site:
    • The aim of the Institute is to promote road safety for the benefit of the public by improving the technical and general knowledge and skills of persons involved in the field of investigating road traffic collisions. It promotes the free and open exchange of knowledge and provides a forum for communication, education and representation, through all of which it aims to enhance expertise.
      It also seeks, through the collective knowledge of its members to improve the standards of safety of vehicles and roads of all kinds.
      The Institute is committed to promoting a professional approach to traffic accident investigation by encouraging honesty and integrity among investigators.
    • The Institute encourages and assists in the carrying out research and tests in connection with vehicles, the building and improvement of roads, and other matters relevant to the field of traffic accident investigation and road safety.
      It will also be producing a suite of best practice guidance documents on particular aspects of traffic accident investigation for use by members and other interested parties.
    • The Institute holds a number of seminars each year as well as other events such as crash days and lectures. The Institute Conference is held biennially and is traditionally a 2-day weekend event.
    • The Institute Journal, ‘IMPACT’, is published at 4-monthly intervals. Comprising material, submitted both from within the membership and from external sources, it provides technical articles and case studies, news and reviews. The Editor always welcomes articles, views and opinions. IMPACT is free to members and may be purchased by non-members.
      The Institute’s Newsletter ‘CONTACT’ is distributed electronically to all members 4 times a year, and provides a less formal arena of communication. It contains news, reviews, and details of forthcoming events together with information on matters discussed and agreed at Council meetings. ‘Letters to the Editor’ and short articles are always welcome.