Force other than vehicle impact

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Force other than vehicle impact

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Is it possible to model vehicle response to some external force like an object striking the vehicle?

George Govatos
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Re: Force other than vehicle impact

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Hi George,

There are a couple ways we model external forces in msmac3D. First our snag impulsive option allows modeling things like pole impacts or interactions with objects on the road The nodes (aka hardpoints) allow interaction of the vehicle structure with the terrain (bottoming out, barriers, back walls of ditches)

As far as an external object striking a car haven't tried to model that. However that would nat appear to be a major development project since the vehicle periphery interacts with the terrain through nodes and why not allow a moving ground with specific mass an inertial properties? (we currently allow multiple ground surfaces which can be turned on and off, etc and have thought of allowing them to move to allow modeling vehicle running up over each other (in the works).

Might be an interesting project. Guess more detail on what you would like to model (probably offline/email since i expect it may be an active case)
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