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2D Simulation Option can Follow 3D Terrain

Posted: Tue Mar 30, 2021 1:34 pm
by MSI
If you are running a 2D msmac simulation you can now display the results where the simulation follows the 3D Terrain.
Easy on/off option provides 3D graphics capabilities with 2D simulations.

Of course we also have full 3D Simulation capabilities too!
However this provides our 2D users the convenience of using the 3D graphics!
Obviously in non rollover types of crashes then you can simply apply drag or acceleration to mimic the 3D effects
For rollovers type crashes you could use the animation options to show the vehicle rolling but why not simply use 3D?
We will soon post up a sample 2D v 3D for a non-rollover type of crash to demonstrate how easily it is with 2D in msmac to mimic 3D accel/decel due to terrain topography (and show the graphics in 3D!)