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Jaguar E-Pace Rollover Stunt Designed by McHenry with msmac3D

Posted: Thu Jul 13, 2017 4:23 pm
by MSI

Above msmac3D and Jaguar E-Pace Rollout(30 sec)

Re: Jaguar E-Pace Rollover Stunt Designed by McHenry with msmac3D

Posted: Thu Sep 07, 2017 3:47 pm
by MSI
Her's another video with Preliminary msmac3D simulations and 3D graphics

Re: Jaguar E-Pace Rollover Stunt Designed by McHenry with msmac3D

Posted: Tue Jan 12, 2021 10:25 am
by MSI
We had posted the following comments to a our recent post on the However we now post it here:

From our experience working with the stunt team behind the Jaguar E-Pace rollover stunt we would love to try working on the design and preparation for a stunt with a different stunt team like the Father/daughter stunt team that did the Kia flat spin 360 stunt!

Someday we expect to make public our detailed technical report on the Jaguar stunt creation experience.
  • To include all the great things accomplished with the great team assembled by Will Roberts for the project:
    • StarEvents UK who were professional, responsive to all fabrication details on ramp, etc,
    • vbox for immediate and excellent vehicle dynamic measurements,
    • bagjump for the landing bag which allowed tweaking of the takeoff to get the proper trajectory,
    • vehico with a great automatic driver for preliminary testing,
    • and many more!
      It was a great project working with all these companies and people.
  • To provide a list of IMPORTANT ITEMS that must be communicated to and provided by the stunt team.
    • The stunt team that Jaguar hired for this stunt (and uses in other stunts) were a MAJOR frustration:
      • they left to the last moment all vehicle preparations, they didn't prepare the vehicle as requested, and this caused many delays, mistakes and problems which wasted time and drove up costs.
    • For example
    • (1) Modify the vehicle as requested and in a timely manner!
      For example, Rolling Caster: We asked for and needed a rolling caster attached to the vehicle (a not so secret component of the stunt),
      • It's in the patent!(***see part of figure 5 below))
        They never installed a caster per our insistent and repeated instructions (we gave them one to install, they didn't!)
        • So the early tests were a waste of time and money as they did not work well (the caster helps control the vehicle roll and yaw)
          and so after a half dozen or so bad tests...
          • the obnoxious ADman in charge foolishly kicked me off the team and assigned the stunt team to independently chop up parts of the ramps and desperately and blindly try to get it working (without a caster!)...
            So...I had a brief pause...(no point me watching them try to figure out how to do the stunt w/o a caster)
            • ...I was at the track in Bedford, UK which had a lovely natural area behind the stands away from the activity...
              so i relaxed and filmed some snails taking life with grace and serenity...
          ---with help of my main contact in UK we went and got a caster fabricated to add to the vehicle (amazing fast work by the fabricators of StarEvents!

          ......and the stunt team failed at trying to do it without a caster...
          so we were allowed to install the caster on the car, repair the ramps back to my specifications, and
          the stunt worked as predicted and expected!
    • (2) HIT THE MARK a stunt driver needs to be able to "hit the mark":
      • In any stunt or maneuver there is a sweet spot or target location that the vehicle must pass as close as possible to in order for the stunt to work properly.
        • ESPECIALLY for a precision stunt like the spiral jump.
        • The original stunt was part of a touring traveling thrill show so the mark was not that precise BUT it must be within +/- A FOOT!!!
      • We suggested maybe try drive by wire or some form of a light signal to help guide to the sweet spot...NOPE...they refused... many more tests wasted as they couldn't HIT THE MARK!
      This is an extremely important MAIN POINT...
      Once a vehicle/simulation is synced and worked out DO NOT radically change the vehicle!
      • ANY changes to the vehicle suspension will change the vehicle launch trajectory and so change the path of the vehicle in flight particularly in a stunt like the spiral jump.
      • After the final preparation tests ended late one night (11 PM!) we spent all night comparing and syncing the tests to the simulation to determine the optimum location for the landing ramp for the FIRST ramp-to-ramp test (which HAD to be run the next day)...
        The stunt team secretly made changes to the suspension!! (made it stiffer with tape wrap, etc) which they later said was "to soften the landing"
        • ...begs the question...the test was without a driver so why soften? and they did this without asking? Why not let us know since
          we would have said NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
      • The stiffening of the suspension caused a change in the vehicle trajectory up the ramp and in the air such that it veered to the left a foot or so and it caught the edge of the landing ramp and crashed
      • More wasted time and money!
        • In a meeting after that test (we were not invited, however we did write a DETAILED TECHNICAL REPORT for the meeting which they decided to ignore)
          The stunt team convinced the obnoxious ADman in charge to once again drop me and let the stunt team blindly mess up the landing (which they did!)
          I did not participate any more in helping them make for a proper landing
          the stunt team took over and switched to a tacky dirt pile landing placed no doubt at the location where i told them to for the first ramp to ramp test (and probably returned the suspension back to original configuration).
          In dozens of tests they smashed and failed as they couldn't HIT THE MARK...
        • The final performance on the tape (see previous thread) wasn't' done live as planned (it was an acceptable jump caught on tape, they didn't dare try it live)

The final run used in the promotion was GREAT! ACCEPTABLE! BUT...not live (it was supposed to and they planned other live promotions but they were dropped)
  • The takeoff and flight was beautiful based on our design and setup
  • The landing was hard due to the stunt team dirt pile landing area and because they couldn't HIT THE MARK!

Would love to try working with another stunt team to demonstrate how a stunt team using simulation can take some or all of the guesswork out of developing a stunt and SAVE TIME and MONEY
  • only if the stunt team works TOGETHER not AGAINST the simulation team and follows recommendations and DOES NOT SECRETLY change the vehicle before a test.

***...shhhh...don't tell...A secret of the astro spiral jump...from Patent 3,814,021, Figure 5! (It is essential for the stunt!)
Part of Fig5 from spiral jump patent.png
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