The Astro-Spiral Jump Patent

News, notes, questions on the McHenry invented James Bond Astro Spiral Jump Stunt
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The Astro-Spiral Jump Patent

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Realized we hadn't moved The Astro-Spiral Jump Patent from old website to the new website so adding it here for now.
For those of you who wonder how it was done and/or want to give it a try, here's how:
Spiral Patent cover page.png
Spiral Patent cover page.png (284.05 KiB) Viewed 2535 times
Raymond .R. McHenry, “Spiral Jump Apparatus”, US Patent No. 3,814,021, June 4, 1974

The McHenry Spiral Jump Patent US3814021

United States Patent 3,814,021
McHenry June 4, 1974

Spiral jump stunt apparatus, either in full scale version or toy version, in which a wheeled vehicle takes off from a ramp so constructed as to impart roll, pitch and lift impulses to the vehicle as it assumes free flight to cause the vehicle to spiral while jumping a gap between such take-off ramp and a receiving ramp on which the vehicle lands on its wheels.
  • Inventors: McHenry; Raymond R. (Williamsville, NY)
  • Assignee: Calspan Corporation (Buffalo, NY)
  • Appl. No.: 306240
  • Filed: November 13, 1972
  • Current U.S. Class: 104/69 ; 446/444; 472/128
  • Current International Class: A63G 31/00 (20060101)
  • Field of Search: 104/54,69,70,134 272/1B 46/43,216,243P
US Patent Office - the link on the US Patent Office site to US Patent No. 3,814,021, June 4, 1974 Some related link: