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Question about your CRASH software?

Posted: Thu May 02, 2019 11:17 am
by MSI
Q: I wanted to learn more about your CRASH software, in particular about delta v calculations.
Could you provide more details on this?

A: Best place to start is this McHenry forum. We don’t sell CRASH as a separate software program and are actually in the process of integrating it into our msmac3D/optimization/automatic iteration
However we do answer any and all questions on CRASH
This Collision & Trajectory Analysis Topic in our forum includes questions on CRASH

and of course also see: Also if you simply register for the McHenry forum there are additional fuller in depth questions in our Registrants ONLY section of the McHenry Forum which includes in depth answers on any and all topics including CRASH

Let us know if any additional questions, etc