What is msmac3D?

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What is msmac3D?

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What is msmac3D?
From A Short History of Nearly Everything! (...about McHenry and Computers in Highway Safety)
a 2011 paper by Brian McHenry
SMAC3D: Combining SMAC and HVOSM into one program
  • In 1998, Brian McHenry was hired by CBS News to reconstruct the Princess Di accident for the television program “48 Hours”. At that same time Brian had been working on a 3D collision simulation program which combined the collision capabilities of SMAC with the 3 dimensional vehicle dynamics simulation capabilities of HVOSM. Brian was provided the survey information for the tunnel, the vehicle information and we used the program, mSMAC3D, to simulate the vehicle traveling into the Pont de l'Alma road tunnel in Paris, France, and striking the support post (In that tunnel they do not have guardrails in front of the support posts). The results were presented and Brian answered questions in interviews on 48 Hours broadcast on June 11, 1998 and August 31, 1998. The eighteen-month French judicial investigation which concluded in 1999 correlated closely with the speeds and findings of McHenry's investigation and with the simulated reconstruction with the prototype mSMAC3D.
    Until the early 2000s, the limitations in processing speed of personal computers limited the continued development of the mSMAC3D model to simple internal research. Since 2000, we have been testing and refining a 3D simulation and reconstruction tool which merges the strengths of SMAC and HVOSM into a single program.
For additional information, please see Here’s a sample of some of the many projects we have done with msmac3D.

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