Occupants DeltaV v Vehicle DeltaV?

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Occupants DeltaV v Vehicle DeltaV?

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Q: Do the occupants of a car experience delta v based maximum engagement during the crash or based post impact speed of the vehicle (roll out). This example is a rear end crash.

A: first point is the car/vehicle experiences a DeltaV/Impact speed change
the occupant experience a impact speed change/deltaV
depends on the impact configuration, distance to something to strike (dashboard, airbag, seatback, etc)
For a rear impact:
  • 1st issue is the neck response to the movement of the torso/seat forward...the distance to the headrest is an important factor
  • 2nd issue: seat strength...did it yield? and if so, how much?
    • There has been much discussion of seat stiffness since if too stiff, you snap you neck, if too soft, you travel into the rear compartment (of course depending on the magnitude of the vehicle impact speed change)
main point is: determine what the vehicle experienced and then go inside the vehicle and determine the approximate responses/positions/etc of the occupants.

Generally the impact DeltaV of the main collision event is also experienced by the occupant (the 2nd impact) as it strikes the interior, etc,
  • however
    • if the vehicle run out includes irregular terrain, other object impacts, etc it also may include issues for the occupants.
    And if an angular impact (not inline), so if rotation, then evaluate each occupant position since the impact speed change at each location may be different.
here's a thread on the topic from a while back but still relevant:
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