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Validation for Occupant Simulation?

Posted: Sun Jun 21, 2009 1:43 pm
by MSI
Q: I just happened across a copy of the Declaration of Brian G. McHenry in the Washington v Sipin case on the internet and I wanted to find out more about the proposed Validation Index by the Human Biomechanics and Simulation Standards Committee you mention in item 7-e . Can you steer me to the recommended practice or J-standard?
A: In addition to related discussions on Validation in the Declaration referenced, I would also suggest you read the related section on Validation in the SAE paper Limitations of Atb/Cvs as An Accident Reconstruction Tool SAE 97-1045.
Please also see the McHenry papers on occupant simulations: "Validation of a generally predictive occupant simulations/kinematics can never be achieved. At best you can validate validation by comparing with full scale tests of a Anthropomorphic Test Dummy. Is that validating the process for real people? People are not mass produced. No assembly lines. No two people are made the same, both in structure, musculature, reflexes, etc.". Also from McHenry:Occupant Simulations "should be used in forensics and accident reconstruction only as a tool to assist in understanding gross occupant kinematics. Any results or conclusions drawn from an (Occupany Simulation) related to detailed occupant kinematics involve so many approximations, estimates, and assumptions that they must be recognized as not being compatible with sound engineering practices and principles and, therefore, not scientifically supportable". For further detailed information, please see McHenry on ATB
Validation of any occupant simulation technique as a predictive tool is not possible.

NOTE: For additional information on the Washington v Sipin case, see McHenry Software News! section beginning "Man wins new trial in car-accident trial".
NOTE: Reference 7(e) of Washington v Sipin case is SAE paper by Robbins, "Restraint Systems Computer Modeling and Simulation State of the Art and Correlation with Reality", SAE paper 891976. Table 8 from that paper is below:
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