HOWTO videos with Task Specific Links

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HOWTO videos with Task Specific Links

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Watching HOWTO videos can be long and frustrating as you wait to get to the part to tell you how to do some specific Task.
We think the way HOWTO videos should be prepared is with links to specific tasks.

Therefore we've uploaded some new videos with task specific links so you can jump to any topic/task of interest.
For example, today we added a full overview video (1 hour long!) which covers all the menus and features of 3D graphics.
  • Click on the link to the right below to select a list of specific tasks,
  • Pick a task from the list,
  • Click to quickly watch HOWTO do that specific task!
Here are a few of the videos added:
VideoLink to List/Links for Specific Tasks
msmac3D v 3.20 Detailed Overview of FeaturesOverview Topic with links to specific tasks
Use the Vehicle Polygon Shape for CrashPolygon Use Topic with links to specific tasks
Make movies of several views of a reconstructionMaking Movies Topic with Links to specific tasks
Create Simulation Project with Wheel SeparationWheel Separation Topic with links to specific tasks
Path Follower InstructionsPath Follower Topic with links to specific tasks

Also please check out our LEASE pricing...another needed change in this crash reconstruction business. Any questions/comments/etc please let us know
NEW!! LEASE pricing of msmac3D Software!!
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