What is WinSMASH?

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What is WinSMASH?

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Q: June 18, 2012:I noticed in a recent job opportunity they made reference to the WinSMASH* program. I don't have any interest in the job opportunity, but I do have an interest in evaluating the WinSMASH program. I read in a technical paper at least 5 years ago that NHTSA had planned to release the program to the public once it had been vetted, but have heard nothing more about it. Has NHTSA made this program available to the public yet, and if so, how does one obtain it?

A: From a few cases we worked on a few years ago: What we found out back then (and I can't recall how many years ago it was)…
  • The main reason NHTSA created WinSMASH and `reformulated CRASH' was to have a tool for damage analysis which wouldn't be subject to or a part of the litigation circus.
  • The NHTSA NASS teams use DAMAGE ONLY in 95% for reconstructing accidents for their statistical research.
  • DAMAGE ONLY analysis is fine for statistical analyses where they are mainly looking for trends. Whereas if used in litigation/single crash scenareo be aware of the Limitation of Accuracy of Damage Analysis
Some articles on WinSMASH:
  • AN OVERVIEW OF NHTSA’S CRASH RECONSTRUCTION SOFTWARE WinSMASH (Jan 2020: local copy added, original link broken)
    • Sharma, Stern, Brophy, et al, ESV 20th Conference, 2007, Paper Number 07-0211
      • The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) uses WinSMASH computer software to estimate the change in velocity, delta-V, of the vehicles involved in crashes. The software uses detailed measurements from the crash scene, vehicle damage and vehicle stiffness characteristics to compute energy absorbed by the vehicle and estimate the delta-V and Barrier Equivalent Speed (BES). The WinSMASH is a Microsoft Windows based, enhanced and updated version of the accident reconstruction software CRASH3 previously used by NHTSA. The purpose of this paper is to describe the new enhancements in the program
    The accuracy of WinSmash delta-V estimates: the influence of vehicle type, stiffness, and impact model
      • The objective of this paper is to investigate the accuracy of WinSmash delta-V estimates as a function of crash mode, vehicle body type, and vehicle stiffness. The accuracy of WinSmash delta-V estimates was evaluated for 121 NASS/CDS 2000-2003 cases for which direct measurements of delta-V had been retrieved from an Event Data Recorder on the case vehicle. WinSmash was found to underestimate delta-V by 23% on average. WinSmash was found to be most accurate in crashes involving full frontal engagement of the vehicle structure. When using categorical stiffness coefficients, the accuracy of delta-V estimates was found to be a strong function of vehicle type. WinSmash underestimated delta-V for pickup trucks by only 3%, but underestimated delta-V for front-wheel drive cars by 31%. The use of vehicle-specific stiffness coefficients improved the accuracy of the longitudinal delta-V estimate. The single most important factor in improving WinSmash accuracy was the inclusion of restitution. After adjusting for restitution, WinSmash underestimated delta-V in frontal crashes by only 1% on average.
*Also know as the SMASH program (combination of SMac & crASH!)
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Re: What is WinSMASH?

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Had another question on WinSMASH so decided to do another search.
Found the following 68 page report:

Development of the WinSMASH 2010 Crash Reconstruction Code
Hampton C. Gabler, Carolyn Hampton, and Nicholas Johnson, DOT HS 811 546, July 2012
  • Abstract: This report describes the development of WinSMASH2010, an extensive update and enhancement to the WinSMASH crash reconstruction code. The specific objectives were
    • (1) to correct known programming bugs in the original WinSMASH,
      (2) convert the code from the obsolete Delphi language to C-Sharp to allow future upgrades, and
      (3) to enhance WinSMASH accuracy by implementing an automated method of selecting vehicle specific stiffness coefficients.
Also includes some additional reference in Appendix E:
  • Appendix E – WinSMASH Research Studies
    The research team has conducted several studies on the reconstruction techniques used in WinSMASH, improvements to WinSMASH and the resulting improvements in reconstruction accuracy. The results of these studies have been published in the following technical papers:
    • (2010). “Evaluation of the accuracy of NASS/CDS delta-V estimates from the enhanced WinSMASH algorithm,”Hampton, C. E., & Gabler, H. C., Annals of Advances in Automotive Medicine, v.54, pp. 241-252.
    • (2009). “NASS/CDS delta-V estimates: The influence of enhancements to the WinSMASH crash reconstruction code,” Hampton, C. E., & Gabler, H. C. ,Annals of Advances in Automotive Medicine, v.53, pp. 91-102.
    • (2009).“Influence of the missing vehicle and CDC-only delta-V reconstruction algorithms for prediction of occupant injury risk,” Biomedical Sciences Instrumentation, 45: pp. 238-43. ,Hampton, C. E., & Gabler, H. C.
    • (2006, October). “The accuracy of WinSMASH delta-V estimates: The influence of vehicle type, stiffness, and impact mode,” ,Niehoff, P., & Gabler, H. C.,Annual Proceedings, Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine, 2006, pp. 73-89.
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