msmac3D simulation of Flat Spin 360 Kia K5 Stunt

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msmac3D simulation of Flat Spin 360 Kia K5 Stunt

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Just for fun in response to the Flat Spin 360 Kia K5 Stunt we thought it might be interesting to simulate the real test
  • To quickly create a Simulation of Reality in the event The Universe IS a Simulation! :-) (OK, that's a joke!)
  • For some additional understanding about the stunt
  • Note we have previously posted up the real stunt: Great Stunt! Flat Spin 360 with Kia K5,
  • We also posted up our guess of how we think they may have achieved the stunt
    • 2 ways to break a vehicle loose to swap ends is to either (1) do a reverse steer or (2) lock the rear wheels to bring things around (a locked end will lead!)
      We did both!
    • Then we moved/cut the ramp to find a good point of exit from the ramp to allow the spinning vehicle to launch in the air to produce more than 180 degrees of spin (360!)
    • We then figured out where to put the landing ramp!
    All very easy with the msmac3D simulation program since all trial/error is mathematical and easy to create ramps/change ramps/remedy issues/change things/adjust things/etc!
    All told the simulation of the maneuver took less than an hour
    We then took a little extra time (another hour) to find and add storage shipping containers to use as backdrop to mimic the scene, to pick camera angles (panning, zooming camera is a breeze!), and other things.

    NOTE:This is a DRAFT:
    • We only spend an hour or so preparing these visual displays of our msmac3D simulation.
      We set these up when we find something about the crash interesting.
      We don't have the measurements and other information to perform a full reconstruction.
      We don't spend additional time to add the houses, background, etc.
      This is simply a quick demonstration of some of the 3D modeling capabilities of our msmac3D simulation and how it can help with understanding 'what happened' with a vehicle and crash dynamics.

    Here were the steps with msmac3D
    1. Set up a simple ramp (used 13 foot height) and ran at 50-55 mph (they probably ran slower)
    2. Accelerated up the ramp with minor reverse steer and rear brakes to insure rapid rotation in yaw
    3. When vehicle at/near 45 deg yaw angle or so, ended the ramp so vehicle spins more easily in air/landing
    4. Cloned the take off ramp and rotated 180 degrees and then moved to approximate location where vehicle coming down
    5. Then Inserted a drop section ramp to boost a little more in air
      • Note earlier in this post…saw they used one so why not?
        Easy to change ground/terrain (drop sections, etc.) in msmac3D,
        We have time sensitive ground surfaces you can turn on/off at any time
    6. Couple tinker iterations to get it looking nice and voila!
    7. After 360 Flat spin and off the ramp decided to accelerate and reverse steer to spin back around 180 degrees
    May make a demonstration video or have an online training session...if interested (probably 30 min online demonstration, 10 min video)
    Putting on TO DO list, let me know if interested and I'll prioritize
    Flat 360 SImulation SEQ 800x600.png
    Flat 360 SImulation SEQ 800x600.png (619.29 KiB) Viewed 1002 times
    and a last note... Would have loved to work on this Kia stunt...however...the Father/daughter stunt team did just fine!
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