What is the CCI?

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What is the CCI?

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Had a question which i wanted to send a note on the CCI and i realized we didn't have a 'what is'...so here it is:

Q: What is the CCI?

A: The CCI is the Center of Collision Interface option of msmac3D
  • the ONLY version of SMAC which has this option:
  • The original version of SMAC had the limitation that the center of collision interface (CCI) (origin for the radial springs of the collision model) had to be coincident with the Center of Gravity of the vehicle.
    This limitation of original SMAC and smac clones can occasionally produce problems in simulated impacts where
    • the damage may get close to and/or exceed the Center of Gravity of the vehicle.
    • It also can be an issue when the reference vectors get near 90 degrees
      • and these vectors are used for reference to pair contacts between the two vehicles, they are not force vectors
    To accommodate these situations and as a part of research towards a more general fix, McHenry Software has provided an option to specify a separate location for the center of collision interface.
These are accomplished on inputs 96
We also have a forum topic on the CCI option with additional notes, etc
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