McHenry Accident Reconstruction 2008

by Raymond R. McHenry & Brian G. McHenry     McHenry Software main site

"The purpose of this book.. .is to return the focus of attention to the fundamentals of accident reconstruction and to the status of scientific progress in this field. This book is a collection of useful information related to the theoretical bases of reconstruction calculations" from the Introduction of the book)  ~207 pages, Click to view the table of contents

McHenry Accident Reconstruction contains detailed analysis and hand calculation techniques for all aspects of Accident Reconstruction. The authors of the books are Raymond R. McHenry and Brian G. McHenry. Ray was the principal investigator and original developer of CRASH, SMAC, HVOSM and CAL2D computer programs.

2016:  Due to demand we now have reprints of the 2008 version of the book avaialable. 

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