What files should be produced for Simulation and Animation

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What files should be produced for Simulation and Animation

Post by MSI » Tue Dec 17, 2013 8:41 pm

Q: On another forum someone posted the question asking what files are required to be provided when you use a Computer Simulation or Animation in court?
A: In over 30 years in almost every state in the US, I have found for every situation where computer simulation OR animation is used by either side the complete input and output files must be disclosed or the computer results are not allowed.
It is our duty as reconstructionists to let our attorneys know that we need to provide and/or ask for the input/output files!
This is to allow verifying the results and insuring that ALL inputs have been disclosed
  • (i recall one where a 'hidden' ice patch was used in a simulation to allow the vehicle to travel farther than Sir Issac said was allowed. It wasn't printed in the 'input echo' and was discovered when the actual input file was loaded and the simulationb re-reun)
Items which should be required/provided if you or an opposing expert uses Computer Simulation or Animation:
  • Printed and in computer form (CD or diskette). (Printed output pages can be saved as text files and copied to a CD to save paper)
  • Most of the programs include options for outputs. The outputs should be set with ALL OPTIONS ON to obtain all the outputs and time history data, etc.
  • Request the program version, an indication of any add-ons or options used, etc.
  • If a video created, request all the files used to create the video: CAD files, Animation files, spreadsheet files, any and all notes, etc.
From '3-D' or not '3-D', THAT is the Question! here are some SAE papers:
  • 1999-01-0101 "Computer–Generated Trial Exhibits: A Post- Daubert Update"
  • 940920 "Case Studies in Animation Foundation"
  • 980018, "Documenting Scientific Visualizations and Computer Animations used in Collision Reconstruction Presentations"
    which includes as the Summary:
    • "This paper has presented a proposed standard for documenting computer generated images, animations, scientific visualizations, etc. The basic standard is that any still images or videos should be documented such that any qualified analyst can reproduce them. This is the requirement for the scientific community in general and should be adopted in the accident reconstruction community. It is important to note that this standard does not refer to any method of generating these images or videos. There is no implication that any one method or any one program is superior to others. This standard addresses only the images and videos and does not address the analysis or opinions being expressed by an analyst. However, the only way to fully understand the analysis being presented or discussed is to have the ability to duplicate the images or video being presented"
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