Blood test could help diagnose concussions

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Blood test could help diagnose concussions

Post by MSI » Mon Jan 06, 2014 8:54 pm

Jan 6, 2013: CBSNews Blood test could help diagnose concussions
  • Trying to overcome the subjective nature of the diagnosis of concussions, doctors are working on a blood test to help determine objectively whether a concussion has occurred.
    "Right now when we identify a concussion it is purely subjective. We look at symptoms. Do they have headaches? Do they have dizziness? There is no objective information. Having something objective is the holy grail of concussion," said Neurologist Dr. Javier Cardenas who specializes in brain injury.

    Also, a report Monday in the journal Pediatrics says kids who suffer concussions should lay off reading, homework and video game. By giving their brains a rest, most can recover in 20 to 50 days, about twice as fast as those who keep doing those activities.
See Blood test could help diagnose concussions
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