What is HVOSM?

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What is HVOSM?

Post by MSI » Fri Jun 22, 2012 10:57 am

Q: What is HVOSM?
A: HVOSM = Highway Vehicle Object Simulation Model
  • In the mid-60's while at the Calspan Corporation (then Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory, Inc.), Raymond R. McHenry began development of a general mathematical model and computer simulation of the dynamic responses of automobiles under Contract CPR-11-3988 with the Bureau of Public Roads. The mathematical model, which was subsequently named the Highway Vehicle Object Simulation Model (HVOSM), includes the general three-dimensional motions resulting from vehicle control inputs, traversals of terrain irregularities and collisions with certain types of roadside obstacles (Ref. 3). The development of the HVOSM included an extensive validation effort within which a series of repeated full-scale tests with instrumented vehicles was performed to permit an objective assessment of the degree of validity of the computer model
    In 1969 the paper by Raymond R McHenry on the HVOSM development entitled "An Analysis of the Dynamics of Automobiles During Simultaneous Cornering and Ride Motions", was awarded the Crompton-Lanchester Medal from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Awarded by the Board of the Automobile Division for the best paper or for outstanding service considered to have special influence on the advancement of automobile engineering.
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