Sample/Demo Video from our booth at WREX2016

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Sample/Demo Video from our booth at WREX2016

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We've posted up one of the sample/demo videos we were showing at our booth at the WREX2016.
The video includes a composite of a number of our validation videos and a display of the automatic iteration/optimization of the msmac3D (see at 9:30 of the video) and much much more!
(the video is approx 12 minutes long so sit back, relax and enjoy! Please let us know if you have any questions! )
Enjoy! Also see below the video for a list of 'What's in the current release of msmac3D'
  • (NOTE: The video includes a clip from a Bond movie. Within 30 minutes we were notified that the video contained copyright material however it can be used if we allow ads. So you will see an AD. We will post up a version without the Bond clip to avoid the ads at some point soon)

As part of our attendance at WREX2016 and 2016 ARC/CSI we've ramped up the development and an update will go out to all or users (we apologize for the delay) as soon as we return to the offices next week.
What’s in current release of msmac3D?
mSMAC3D updates and enhancements:
    • Combines McHenry SMAC with McHenry 3D HVOSM for full 3D simulation
      • Smac iteration/optimization –
      • o Input impact and rest positions, damage measurements, and approximate wheel drags and the program will automatically iterate SMAC2D or 3D to find an accurate solution
        o The ONLY 3D/2D collision simulation program with this option
        • NOTE: instantaneous momentum exchange/Planar Impact models are NOT collision simulation
        o In final beta, release imminent
      • Snag impulsive constraint option
      • permits the modeling of vehicle interactions independent of crush forces (i.e., momentary interlock of vehicle structures), only 3D/2D collision simulation program with this option!
      • Optional movement of the center of collision interface (CCI) – only 3D/2D collision simulation program with this option
      • Tire cornering stiffness as a function of time – can be used to simulate tire blowouts, tread separations.
      • Tire individual friction variation as a function of time – can be used to simulate tire de-beading, rim contact.
      • Steer degree of freedom – permits modelling of wheel self-aligning torques
      • And much much more!
    Medit3D Updated and enhanced interface which includes
    • • 3D Graphics and animation capabilities with tracking, panning, zooming, tilting, pitching
      • o Camera can be attached to moving vehicles, Camera can be placed in fixed location ,Multiple camera positions can be saved and easily retrieved
      • Underlay/overlay with bitmaps, google maps, DXF drawings
      • o DXF surfacing and image draping/synching
        o Direct import of point cloud surface files in sxy format
        soon also direct import soon e57 format, release imminent
      • Animation output (currently AVI, other formats coming soon)
      • Charting capability of all simulation variables – Quick and easy
      • Acceleration can be monitored and measured at any location
      • Easy Project create • Easy vehicle graphics and specification changing
      • Unlimited friction zones
      • And much much more!
    Following items are already in the code and soon to be activated and automatically included in the program
    • • Poles, barrier options – drag and drop a pole or barrier on 3D scene
      • 3D articulated vehicles
      • Radial spring model – for improved curb and irregular terrain interactions
      • Much much more!
    Maintenance Renewal, Multiple Licensing
    • o 14 day money back guarantee – try it, if you don’t like it, let us know why, return it for full refund!
      • o Annual Maintenance - McHenry Software charges a reasonable annual license renewal fee (see below) to support our continued research and development of simulation, reconstruction and graphical components
        o ALL McHenry Software users are using the latest version and we don't waste time trying to support older versions. Each and every update, fix, enhancement, extension you as a msmac3D user will immediately get notified of an update to download and install.
        o Our msmac3D/msmac2D combo annual renewal fee is $1200 after the first year (only $1000 if paid within 30 days of renewal date)
        o For msmac2D only users, the annual renewal remains $500 (only $400 if paid within 30 days of renewal date)
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for a quote with our May 2016 Special Pricing!
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