Is msmac3D an annual maintenance/subscription?

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Is msmac3D an annual maintenance/subscription?

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Q:(email) Is msmac3D an annual maintenance/subscription?

A: Our pricing quote is for the first year license includes first year annual maintenance/subscription and which means we provide our users each and every update, extension, corrections, enhancement are included.
  • After a year we do require an annual renewal/maintenance fee to support our continuing research and development of all improvements, extensions, refinements, updates, corrections and enhancements.
    This is mainly so we as a company are not only driven by new sales.
    We will not come out with new products or new versions and try to make you upgrade. We believe in providing all our users with the latest and greatest technologies.
Some software companies claim “no annual maintenance” and then never update or enhance the product and either rename it or change the version number or drop the product support.
  • Any of those ways essentially hiding the fact that their users need to pay annually to keep current (aka maintenance) or work with older unsupported programs.
We want to be up front and honest about our belief that it is important that all scientific crash reconstruction and simulation software users immediately have access to any and all improvements, updates, enhancements, extensions and/or corrections.
We also do not want to waste your time or our time trying to support multiple older versions of our product.
  • The folks who don’t charge maintence fees no doubt will have as their first question when you call for support ‘what version are you using’ and then say ‘oh that is in the upgrade’ which will then cost you $1000 to $3000 or more to ‘upgrade’.
  • For a comparison, see what some others software vendors in the AR field charge for updates/renewals:
    • Other software vendors ‘never charge an update fee’ however they then change the name of the program and don’t support/update or simply drop the program
  • msmac3D and msmac2D will be the main two products we sell and market. No new and improved products to make you buy something new.
  • Each and every update, enhancement and extension, both of the simulation and the graphics will be included in the active license fee.
We will only ever charge $1000 per year annual maintenance ($800 if paid within 30 days of renewal date) after the first year. We are considering allowing monthly or quarterly maintenance payments to spread the cost over the year (and again maintenance fees do not start until after the first year)

Hope that answers your question and you understand why we believe it is important to have annual maintenance fees.
Thank you for your interest in McHenry Software.
Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

The following link also covers the topic and was from a question posted a few years ago: Please let us know if you have any additional questions or would like further clarification
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