Msmac3D/3D Graphics Ver 2.55.2 Preliminary update

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Msmac3D/3D Graphics Ver 2.55.2 Preliminary update

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McHenry Msmac3D/3D Graphics Ver 2.55.2 Preliminary update
Oct 4, 2019
This note is to let you know that another preliminary update to the msmac3D/McHenry 3D Graphics has been uploaded,
A full update to msmac3D/medit3D should be ready in the near future.
many improvement/enhancements/updates included in this update. More to come soon!
We will be continuing to refine, document and create demos, help files, etc. and should have the complete enhanced ver 2.60 in the next month or so.

In the meantime:
See the msmac3D/3D Graphics Ver 2.55.2 Update installation instruction page and update your software TECHNICAL SUPPORT: easiest way for us to assist you is for you to send us the project through the File->Send Project to McHenry Software for technical Support
if large files use this DropBox Link to upload the file(s)

If any of you have any questions, problems or technical support issues please let us know. email or call our offices

Thank you for your support of McHenry Software!
Question? Comment? Please email Also see the McHenry Forum Index
Visit for technical information & software.
(c) McHenry Software, Inc ALL Rights Reserved.

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