Does msmac3D calculate DeltaV?

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Does msmac3D calculate DeltaV?

Post by MSI » Thu May 02, 2019 10:49 am

Q: Does msmac3D have any features to calculate Delta V? ( I couldn’t find anything about it on the features page) If not, are there any other products you have to that enable Delta V range calculations?

A: msmac3D is a mathematical simulation which is essentially the same as running a mathematical full-scale crash test so the accelerations, tire forces, etc. are all calculated for every millisecond during the simulation. msmac3D includes routines to then calculate the detailed Impact Speed Change (DeltaV) at the Center of Gravity (CG) automatically. Additional options are included to monitor the acceleration and DeltaV for any location on the vehicles in the simulations.

Our paper RICSAC-97 - A Reevaluation of the Reference Set of Full Scale Crash Tests includes a detailed discussion of how SMAC computes the Impact Speed Change (DeltaV) and how to compare it to DeltaV's from crash tests.

Also a couple of threads we have which discuss the DeltaV calculations are:
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