Note on Contact EMAIL Information in older McHenry papers

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Note on Contact EMAIL Information in older McHenry papers

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Several people have pointed out that in some of our SAE and other papers from before 2010 have erroneous contact information.
Just like that Ray has not been at Calspan for 40+ years, some of the email addresses and mailing addresses are old/dated/incorrect.
  • some contain (interpath is an internet company from back in the day no longer in business) we now have

    as our emails.
  • Mailing address used to be 103 Brady Court, Suite 200 Cary NC however we moved from that location several years ago.
    We now use
    PO Box 1716,
    Cary NC 27512

    to insure all mail will get to us.
Our official contact information is here: Thank you for alerting us to the issues with some of the contact information in some of our papers.
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