McHenry 30+ year old technology is still advanced in 2015!

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McHenry 30+ year old technology is still advanced in 2015!

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We were recently notified of a recent advertisement from Engineering Dynamics about: This advertisement is an endorsement of some of our 30+ year old McHenry extensions and refinements to the HVOSM program.
McHenry invented HVOSM on which the 3D EDVSM is based and some McHenry proprietary extensions for the HVOSM program we allowed Calspan to use in the 80s for a Rollover project **(see footnote below).
EDC some how got the code and implemented it somehow and call it 'Advanced Models' mentioned in the ad.
  • From the EDC advertisement:
    • "Radial Spring Tire Model- This model allows for simulating tires mounting curbs and rolling over potholes. The tire is modeled as a series of springs lying in the tire plane and projecting radially outward from the wheel center".
  • From the EDC advertisement:
    • "Sidewall Impact Tire Model - This model is an extension of the Radial Spring Tire Model and allows for a rigorous modeling of the force applied to the sidewall of a tire such as occurs in a curb-tripped rollover. Each radial spring has springs projecting laterally from the wheel plane to the tire sidewall plane"
  • From the EDC advertisement:
    • "Soft Soil Tire Model - This model allows for calculating tire drag for a vehicle that has left the roadway and is traveling through soft dirt, sand or similar material. The model is based on research performed by M.G. Bekker at the University of Michigan. In the model, tire sinkage into the soil is calculated using an empirical model developed by Bekker."
In Summary: The items in the recent advertisement by EDC/HVE are for 30+ year old "preliminary" McHenry versions used in research and provided to Calspan for highway safety research. EDC got a hold of the Calspan version of the HVOSM program with the McHenry Extensions and refinements and now market the McHenry extensions 30+ years later as "Advanced Tire-Terrain Models"'.

  • Thank you Engineering Dynamics!
    For acknowledgement that our 30+ year old McHenry inventions and extensions are still advanced in 2015!
We have also continued to develop and advance the state-of-the-art of the science of simulation and reconstruction technology for these past 30+ years.

Please see information on our msmac3D program which includes those 'Advanced Tire Models' and many additional vehicle capabilities and enhancements we've created and enhanced for many more than 30+ years such as trailer options, articulated vehicle options, and much much more.
And any and all enhancements will be included in the msmac3D license.
For information on msmac3D please see our msmac3D General Q&A forum topic.

Please consider McHenry Software for your simulation and collision reconstruction technology!
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** 1987 "Rollover Potential of Vehicles on Embankments, Sideslopes and other Roadside Features", Deleys, N. J., Parada, L.O, FHWA/RD-86/164, PB87-212783, Executive Summary Report (Proprietary HVOSM program w/extensions and refinements provided by McHenry & McHenry)