McHenry IPTM presentation May 18th & msmac3D release June 2015

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McHenry IPTM presentation May 18th & msmac3D release June 2015

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I hope to see you at the IPTM Specials Problems next week in Clearwater Florida. Also we are in final Beta testing of msmac3D and the 3D Graphics engine!
Our msmac3D/msmac2D with new 3D Graphical engine is ready for release.
Our msmac3D and msmac2D pricing is very competitive (actually it is a major value) particularly when you see what Ray & I have put together from our combined 90+ years of research and development experience.
We also plan to add many of the ideas we've had percolating over the years and they will ALL be included.
We will only market msmac2D and msmac3D and both will share our new 3D graphical interface.
(msmac3D includes msmac2D, however msmac2D can be ordered separately)

We have just announced PRE-RELEASE Special pricing and we hope you'll give our software consideration as a tool for your accident reconstruction tool chest.
Please see the many topics from the link below and also browse our McHenry Software Accident Reconstruction Forum for many additional topics related to collision and accident reconstruction!

Thank you for your consideration of McHenry Software

Brian McHenry,McHenry Software
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