Automatic Braking Seeing "Phantom" Objects

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Automatic Braking Seeing "Phantom" Objects

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Couple of articles on Automatic Braking and issues with "Phantom" braking, etc.
When investigating a crash any influence or actions by any automatic steering or braking (if it is an option on either vehicle involved in the crash) must be investigated.
Wired Magazine: ZDNet Personal Note:
  • I have a Telsa Model3 and on occasion the vehicle screams and/or steers when i drift in lane and/or am approaching a slowing vehicle. I think the reaction of the vehicle is sometimes excessive (never have i needed these notices so probably need to adjust the sensitivity)
    I have not experienced any random "phantom" responses.

On a crash forum the following were posted up by members indicating that issues may arise:
  • A friend with a BMW x3 had her vehicle skid to a halt on a straight road with no traffic for no apparent reason, and braked again in traffic for no reason and came "that close" to being rearended. Get ready for the next wave of complaints akin to the "my air bag didn't deploy"...

and also
  • The ADAS, and autonomous braking in particular, as the potential to be something we'll all need to consider as time marches on. The cameras and radar units that are used to feed inputs to the ADAS have strict alignment procedures that vary by manufacturer. A one-degree shift in view off of the "calibration" spec can cause significant problems in what the system perceives as "in the vehicle's path". How hard is it to get a one-degree shift you ask? How about replacing a windshield, tweaked suspension components, having the vehicle aligned, repaired collision damage, and/or even a tire that's not properly inflated? Not to worry! The artificial intelligence that's built in to the ADAS has the ability to learn where straight ahead is given enough driving time. What could possibly go wrong???
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