HOWTO Make movies with multiple views V3.20

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HOWTO Make movies with multiple views V3.20

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Uploaded a video with the steps to create a mpg video of multiple views of a msmac3D simulation reconstruction.
the Full Video is linked below

Below are links to individual tasks presented in the video
Time on VideoLink to Topic on Video
@0:58Adjusting Views
@2:00Tracking Camera Setup Views
@2:12Naming each Tracking View Camera
@2:53Turning Off Tracking Camera
@3:05Changing the zoom/pan/tilt/lance angle amount with slider bar
@4:25Creating a Driver View for a Vehicle
@6:25Save Views in Set View 4 when changing to Tracking Camera
@7:40Check which Vehicle is active
@8:19Steps to Assemble all views into one movie
@9:55------> If also doing vehicle fixed and changed lence Angle (field of view), Be sure to set back to normal
@10:34------> To Create combined movies use APPEND
@11:29------> Check/Set Lence Angle/Field of View for Driver View
@13:23Create an mpg Movie from bitmap files created
@13:51Open and view the mpg file created and summary

The following is just the video created in the HOWTO video above.
Give it a look and check out the various tasks and links to the times in the list posted above

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