What is RAIDS?

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What is RAIDS?

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RAIDS is the UK version of the US NASS RAIDS data is only available to researchers and only with permission.

  • The Department for Transport has investigated road traffic collisions for many years to support strategies to make our roads safer. These investigations differ from those of the police because they are designed to understand how people are injured rather than necessarily determine responsibility for the collision.

    Road Accident In-Depth Studies (RAIDS) brings together different types of investigation from earlier studies into a single programme combining existing data with new in a common and comprehensive database.

    There are 2 types of investigation:
    • a crash scene investigation done at the time of the collision while the emergency services are still present - these focus on the vehicle, the road user and the highway issues and can include non-injury crashes and those with relatively minor vehicle damage
    • a backward-looking investigation which examines vehicles that have had to be recovered from the crash site having suffered more serious damage and where the occupants have attended hospital due to their injuries
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